Thursday, June 9, 2011

American Family insurance - auto insurance reviews

For more than 80 years, we've made it our business to give our customers peace of mind by making their insurance experience easy and convenient. American Family Insurance understands you are looking for a relationship with a stable and trustworthy company. You want an expert, caring advisor who works toward making your insurance experience easy and convenient. An advisor who ensures there are no unwelcome surprises and peace of mind, especially in your time of need. Our knowledgeable agent advisors provide auto, home, life, health, business, and farm & ranch insurance

American Family Insurance
1811 Pioneer Park Way
Springfield OR 97477-1141
Monica Smith Agency

Here are a member FAMILY INSURANCE opinion about this insurance service

I have been with American Family Insurance for over 10+ years.I have had the best agents up to when my agent Brandy Clayton retired to have a family, we were moved to another agent that had a bad personality and moved to the MONICA SMITH AGENCY. That was not much better. We wanted to immediately move from her agency too. I decided not too and just stay and see if she would work out or not. We'll that was a BIG MISTAKE!!! I asked for UMPD to be put on my policy 3 months ago, when I changed my comp. to a $1000 ded. Monica Smith recommended that I get UMPD coverage because of the high ded. I added that coverage. Monica forgot or ???? and just did not add that coverage to my policy ( I thought I had UMPD coverage like I had discussed with Monica 3 months earlier). 30 days later I was informed I have never had UMPD, of course not since it was added 3 months ago over the phone. My son and daughter also have it. My suv is the most expensive of the 3 cars and even the adjuster said that my car should have UMPD over the other 2, since it was the most expensive. The adjuster did not understand why my agent had the coverage on their cars and not mine when I am the main policy holder. I was in a car accident and was told that I would have a $200 ded. when filed police report. After 30 days and getting the police report filed, I was told that I do not have UMPD. I have a $1000 ded. which I'm fine with, but the UMPD that my agent was supposed to add has $200 ded. which a hit and run would go under. My damages are $750. Monica Smith has lied to the insurance commissioner and other agents that I asked her not to put UMPD on my coverage which is a total lie. I write on envelopes what is being said during phone conversations. I have one envelope that I wrote my desired insurance changes I wanted when talking to Monica Smith 3 months ago. I have 10 other envelopes that have info from other services. It's a common practice for me, I never have paper around, yet I always have envelopes around to write on. FUNNY TOO-MONICA WAITED 30 DAYS TO TELL ME I DO NOT HAVE UMPD COVERAGE. She cannot own up to her mistakes.
And American Family says they make your insurance experience easy and convenient. An advisor who ensures there are no unwelcome surprises and peace of mind, especially in your time of need.
I'm not receiving convenient and easy service without unwelcome surprises. I sure had a very UNWELCOME Surprise.
My family has given american family $500 a month for 3 cars and homeowners insurance. I also had business insurance with them for 6 years which added to a lot of money going to am/fam.My agent Monica Smith has also lied to her customers about PIP insurance. You can have a $250 ded and she told us it was against Oregon law to have a ded. on PIP. (against the law, great way to get extra $$$$ by not telling the truth to her clients) She checked into it and found out you can. Also told me that I was the first person ever in the history of her being an agent that has written a policy with a ded. on PIP coverage. Just think of all the customers she is taking advantage of. Out to make an extra buck where ever she can. Oh yeah!, My agent wrote a letter to the insurance commisioner and said that I was trying to twist her (Monica Smiths) words etc.. to get the outcome I wanted. Can you believe that???? Pretty much telling her customer that they are a con artist. WOW. She would not even have a paycheck if it was not for customers!!! Stay away from this company and especially this rude, incompetent agent!!! Cant even write my policy changes right. Then she says she took the ethical road, because it would not be fair to American Family to have to cover this claim under a coverage that the customer did not want to pay the premium to add. Monica is UN ETHICAL. Not putting on the UMPD on my Honda Passport for $11 a month. It is such a small expense and that is why I wanted to go with her recommendation. To be covered for an accident that was not caused my me. My son has left the insurance asap as soon as he saw what they (am/fam-monica smith) were doing to me. As a paying and loyal customer to American Family Insurance Company for 10+ years, I refuse to be treated like this. Furthermore, under no circumstances will I tolerate lies. I was very clear and pragmatic with my directives to Agent Monica Smith.
American Family has yet to fix this severe mistake of my agents

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