Tuesday, June 7, 2011

cool car's most innovative and successful release

UAC- The following are some car brands with the most innovative designs and capabilities that best-selling in the market.

1. Ford Airstream

 Earlier times, we know of a steam train, but now the big car manufacturers like Ford have started exhibiting his work is a car with steam tnaga. This car only needs water to dispense into electricity and fossil fuels, so this car is definitely environmentally friendly.

2. Toyota Scooter style
Toyota launched a personal vehicle that is amazing. By taking the concept of "personal transportation. " toyota create a vehicle similar to that in the scooter like a young child and is similar to that in a wheelchair like a parent. Maybe if the car is mass produced, will be a lot of reservations.


3. Nissan NV200

4. Mazda Ryuga
Butane Mazda car is a car that proves the existence of a clear link between design and performance of the engine. beautiful lines that flow and doors sayab like this bat really draw the eye. But there are still many question whether this car is just a concept or will be concrete


5. Acura NSX Advanced Sports Car
the name also already seen that Honda wanted to give sporty concept at this car. This car is Honda's interpretation of the super car Ferrari-esque. This car has the greatest chance of mass production of all concept cars in this trit.



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